Our Mission

To broaden sustainable homeownership through innovative financing products and investment approaches delivered efficiently, thoughtfully, and equitably.

Our Vision

To become the global leader in enabling wealth creation for our dedicated constituents: homeowners, homebuyers, investors and the community at large.

Our Strategy

REMARQ intends to expand homeownership by offering consumers an alternative to the highly leveraged debt model that dominates today’s marketplace. Additionally, REMARQ intends to support existing homeowners by allowing them to turn a portion of their locked up home equity into cash without incurring debt. In so doing, homebuyers and homeowners enjoy more affordable home ownership with less financial risk.

Concurrently, REMARQ makes one of the largest financial asset classes (single family residential real property) available to investors on a data-driven, standardized, passive and semi-liquid basis. Through its exchange platform, REMARQ matches available investor capital to equity needed by homebuyers or homeowners. The transactions are supported by quality research and analyses, structured equity products, and transparent transaction processing and reporting. Ultimately, the Company seeks to create unique and demonstrable value for each of its constituents, while building significant financial value for its corporate stakeholders.

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